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Orbisat 100

The company has developed a GPS device , called ORBISAT 100 with worldwide coverage . This team has as main feature that combines mobile communication with a modem MODEM satellite communication , allowing the team to have a permanent communication coverage may be sent to the base in real time, the positions of the vehicle downs programmable positions at the customer .

Satellite communication of this equipment is achieved by activating a modem provided by the company STELLAR & ORBCOMM USA , who also uses the waves of its own satellites into orbit 800 km from the Earth , covering the entire space and with 100% global coverage.

This entirely developed in our laboratories , equipment has been approved by the company ORBCOMM United States and presented to the international market at the Annual Sample STELLAR - ORBCOMM , in the city of Key Byscaine in Miami ; Florida ; in September 2008 .

Today our teams ORBISAT 100, is used worldwide , providing communications technology covering all branches of transport is commercial, industrial or particular.

You can access more information on this equipment attachments .
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All GPS equipment offered by the company has the possibility to incorporate various peripherals to increase security guarantees required by the market .

INFRARED CAMERA : it possible to obtain photos in the interiors of the dwellings or cabins of the vehicles in real time.

Microphone : microphones were installed inside cabins makes the base operator can communicate with the driver remotely through GPS equipment.

DISPLAY INFO : the need to send instructions previously encoded or short messages to the driver of the vehicle is possible by installing a small display of information or messages to the view of the individual in charge of the vehicle.

TEMPERATURE SENSORS : climate change in freight cars are monitored by installing a small sensor that reports real-time temperature parameters inside the trailer. Especially required for transporting goods that must remain cold chain .

SENSOR DOOR OPENINGS : these sensors allow obtaining real-time door openings of vehicles and their trailers; for which it is possible to perform pre-trip programming door openings at predetermined locations. For cases that the doors open in places not set , the command team sends a notice to the base with the event.

SYSTEM A.V.L. (SOFTWARE ) : The company provides office if an operational AVL system for monitoring vehicles from the client's offices . Also free delivery , free access to Internet to monitor the vehicles from the website of American Tracer. The frequency of falls in positions of vehicles is every 3 minutes. The installation and use of capitation software is also provided by the company without charge.